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We are a proud all-female company that aims to help you and your business achieve their true objectives, by guaranteeing fair payment and fair opportunities to all its freelancers.

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Our skilled interpreters are ready to assist ​you whether face to face, over the phone, ​for a conference with 500 attendees, or as ​a note taker for a confidential meeting.

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Documents are our expertise provide us ​with what you have, tell us what you need, ​and we'll handle the rest. Enjoy total peace ​of mind knowing that we only provide ​native, high-quality translations.

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Whether you need an Expert ​Witness to assist you in Court, or a ​cultural report, or just a linguist ​assessment, we are here to help.

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We specialise in the Translation, Interpreting and ​Linguistic Services of Albanian, Italian, Spanish, ​Portuguese, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, ​Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Pashto, Polish, ​Romanian, Russian, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

We focus on dialectal variations.

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Custom Linguistic ​solutions to help your ​business succeed.

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Turn your Barriers into strength

To set up arrangements for an in-person I​nterpreter, get in touch with our team. Ou​r skilled and experienced interpre​ters speak more than 17 language​s and are located all througho​ut the United Kingdom l

Trust u​s​ with your communication needs.

F2F & VRI Interpreting

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Tailored ​Written ​Services

What we ​focus on in ​Written ​Services

Certified Translation

Main focus area:

+ Legal

+ Arts & Humanities

+ Medical

+ Welfare

+ Social & Children Services

+ Government

Transcreation & ​Localisation

Transfer your brand values to ​wider markets and adapt your ​message to local realities.


Audio and Video Transcription to Boost ​your business experience.

Rest assured, we will assist your ​business, whether it is to help your Deaf​ or Hard to Hear employees and​ customers, or to boost your Video game​s Viewer’s involvement.


Ad Hoc Liguistic Services

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Councils and Local ​Authorities

Emergency Services

NHS and Healthcare



Public Sector

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Manufacturing and ​construction

Consumer goods and ​exporting


Solicitors and legal services

Museums, travel and tourism

Private Sector

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Relief and aid organisations

Social enterprises

Community groups

Housing associations.



Expert ​Consultancy for ​Court Cases

We provide Expert Witnessing Services for Italian & ​Albanian cases.

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What makes us great!

100,000 words translated

Native and Accredited Linguists

Attention to details and Dialects

Worldwide All-Female Team

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6 Grosvenor Street, W1K 4PZ, London.

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Tel 07990512790

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Portrait of a Young Professional

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Linguistica Services is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales with company number 13154555.

Registered office address: 6 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4PZ.